GoTestPro-KBJuly 2023

July 2023

Data Hiding/Masking - Web

When Text Masking is enabled from the extension for Sendkeys/ClearFieldAndEnterText actions, on  Manage Test Screen updated step should show Encrypted Text instead of original.

The GTP’s test data masking ensures that an organization or user’s sensitive information, such as personal identifiable information (PII), financial data, or any other confidential data, is not exposed to unauthorized personnel or used for unintended purposes during software development, testing, or analytics.

By masking sensitive data through GTP, organizations can comply with data privacy regulations and safeguard their data from potential breaches, misuse, or theft, without compromising the testing or development process.

User can follow the below steps for For data masking through GTP:

  1. Create a scenario with user input field (sendkeys)

  2. On the Extension side - enable the Text Masking toggle.

  3. Save the scenario.

  4. On Manage Test Page & Result Detail page, the encrypted text shoud display.

When you enable Text Masking from the GTP Extension for Sendkeys/ClearField And EnterText actions, then from  Manage Test screen on GTP web app, updated step will show Encrypted Text instead of original one.

Soft Fail Option - Extension

Right now user is only able to mark the step as soft fail from webapp. We need to have option in extension to mark or unmark the step as soft fail.

GoTestPro is introducing a new option within the extension, allowing users to mark or unmark a step as a soft fail. With this added functionality, users can conveniently manage the status of individual steps during their testing process directly from the extension interface. This enhancement will streamline your testing workflow, enabling you to make real-time adjustments to step statuses as needed, thus improving your overall testing efficiency and accuracy.


Here is how you can do for making step as soft fail:

  1. Click edit icon on step.

  2. Enable or Disable the soft fail.

API Step Execution - Extension

During the process of recording steps, the extension will automatically trigger API calls based on the specific data needed. For instance, if the sign-in step requires an OTP (One-Time Password), the appropriate API will be invoked seamlessly to facilitate the authentication process.

Our API seamlessly integrates with your client application, making use of the defined parameters to ensure a smooth and efficient connection. By adhering to the specified parameters, the integration process becomes straightforward, allowing for the effective communication between the API and your application.

Caution: The APIs will be subject to the client application and APIs output will depend on availability of data and server of client’s app.

The behavior of the APIs will be influenced by the client application, and the results they produce will be contingent upon the data's availability and the server of the client's application.

Highlighting Elements in Green Color - Extension

While conducting test recordings using the extension, a visual enhancement will be implemented to improve element highlighting in the environment.

Specifically, when an element is highlighted, the system will replace the current color with a vibrant Green hue. This color change will serve as a clear indicator, helping testers easily identify and focus on the elements under scrutiny during the recording process.

Enable / Disable Visual Validation - Extension

GoTestPro platform is built on providing better control to clients over their testing experience. When users click on the "edit step" option in the extension, they can enable or disable Visual Validation. This empowers users to choose whether they want to perform visual comparisons during their testing process or bypass this feature.

With this flexibility, GoTestPro ensures that users can adapt their testing approach to suit their specific needs, resulting in a more efficient and personalized testing experience.

Password Masking - WebApp

Our innovative value field masking feature can be applied to any Sendkeys field, ensuring that sensitive information remains completely confidential. Whether it's personal details, financial data, or any other sensitive information.

By selecting the "edit step" option, users can effortlessly enable value field masking for the Sendkey action, ensuring enhanced security and privacy.

Sendkey Value Masking - Extension

The Extension now protects your sensitive data by masking the value of the Sendkey and encrypting it while saving the recording. The user will now be able to click on the edit step and have the option to enable value field masking for Sendkey action.

Text Masking - Extension

  • Manage Test: Experience the enhanced functionality of our extension with Text Masking enabled. When utilizing Sendkeys/ClearFieldAndEnterText actions, the Manage Test Screen will dynamically exhibit updated steps featuring Encrypted Text instead of the original content. Stay secure and in control of your test data with our cutting-edge features.

  • Result Details: Witness the power of encryption as steps now proudly display secure, encrypted text values. Rest assured that your sensitive data remains protected at all times. Embrace peace of mind while navigating through your steps with confidence and security.

Enterprise Application In Projects

GoTestPro now includes a validation check for enterprise applications when creating a project. It requires at least one environment against project to be added. User can make a project enterprise and select a relevant application against it. It is mandatory to select application if its enterprise level.

Other features planned to release this month:

  • Add Countdown timer to AI Modal

  • Password masking on web app

Image to Image Comparison

Experience the power of GoTestPro in delivering precise results through intelligent image comparison. GoTestPro analyzes recorded images and compares them with the latest ones on your system. User can easily record steps using the extension, and with our intuitive editing feature, visual validation becomes easy.

Once user is satisfied with the steps, simply save the recording. GTP takes care of storing all test steps in a secure database, accessible through our user-friendly web app.

The user will execute the test on cloud from webapp and system will perform following automations on client environments:

  • First Execution will capture baseline.

  • Second cloud execution will compare the baseline image with the current one.

The user will go to the result detail screen and click on the image of the executed step to view the images. The system will then present three images on a new screen.

  1. Baseline image

  2. Current image

  3. Image with highlighted changes

Based on the comparison, the user can accept/reject the changes.

  • If user accept the changes, the system shall replace baseline with the current one.

  • If user rejects the changes, the system shall keep the baseline image.

The comparison allows the user to observe differences between the images taken during recording and the test execution. Not every recorded step necessarily includes an image.

Extension UI Revamp

The UI for Extension is revamped to provide more flexibility and options in using the extension.

Now you can use the following new options in the Extension:

  • Filter and insert step

  • Select step and add actions

  • Empty state

  • Execute failed step

IF/ELSE Conditions - Extension

The extension enables you to establish if/else conditions for the recorded steps, accompanied by specific criteria. Testing users gain the ability to define criteria that govern the application of if/else conditions, encompassing:

  • Add Variables

  • PageURL

  • Cookies

  • Syntax Validation (IF ELSE END IF)

Based on the criteria you define, the steps in If and Else will execute.

  • If-Else conditional validations will help you address the test cases related to conditional checks. A conditional step allows for a test to execute different steps in different situations.

  • "IF X is true then do Y, ELSE do Z"

In a testing context, utilizing these conditional statements will grant you command over test execution. This means you can influence the sequence of test execution based on the conditional steps in the process.


  • Element: If a checkbox is not checked, click it to set it as "checked"

  • Advanced Find: Using and XPath/CSS Selector, if a very specific element is present, then click it

  • JavaScript: Determine if the current browser is Internet Explorer. If it is, wait an extra 20 seconds.

  • Page URL: If the current URL ends in "/edit" then click the "Save" button

  • Cookie: If a specific cookie is not present, set the cookie and then refresh the page

  • Variable: If the email variable used to login contains "admin" then assert the admin settings button is

Edit Step in Non-recording Mode - Extension

During the process of recording steps using the extension, you'll have the option to modify a recorded step. This allows you to edit particular steps and then save the changes.

Now, you can perform the following activities:

  • Pause the steps recording, edit previous step and continue recording more steps.

  • Complete the steps recording and edit a particular step and save it.

This approach ensures that the edited step is saved, and the updated step will then be executed through the web app.