GoTestPro-KBSeptember 2023

September 2023

Bulk Operations - Extension

You have the flexibility to choose multiple steps and perform various actions on them, such as deletion or selection, using the options available in the three-dot menu.

Enabling Visual Validation - Extension

GTP Extension is set to receive a user interface makeover, which will include an enhanced capability to verify whether visual validation is activated or deactivated for each step.

Saving Changes without Browser Reload - Extension

Currently, whenever the extension is closed using the close button, the extension reloads the GTP web app tab to load the data that has been saved. This approach causes delay in loading the web app when there are more scenarios and steps.

The GTP Extension is updated and now communicates with the web app. This way the web app can load the saved data without reloading the page. The saved changes are now reflected on the web app without reloading the entire page.