Create Scenarios (Manualy)

Note: Using this feature to perform manual creation for a BDD Script Creation experience - we recommend the GTP Recorder Extension to create the Scenarios and Page Elements.

  1. Login as Org Admin/Test Engineer.

  2. Select a Project from the Select a Project drop-down (at the top left corner) list.

  3. Click on the Test option from the Navigation menu.

  4. Click on Add New Test.

  5. Record the test using Extension.

  6. Click on More Icon.

  1. Click Create New scenario button.

  1. Enter the Scenario Name and Scenario Tags, and select the Application type from a drop-down list.

  1. To add Scenario steps >> Click on the Edit icon from the Actions column >> Select the needed values like Action, Elements Name, and Field Value, then click on the 'Yes' icon, and the steps will be saved.

  1. Click the + icon to add more steps.