Enable Text Masking

  1. Login as Manager/Engineer.

  2. Choose the Project from the dropdown.

  3. Click Test from the Menu, Navigate to Test page.

  4. Click Add New Test.

  5. EnterTest name and Test Plan Name.

  6. Navigate to Manage Test page.

  7. Start doing Record the scenarios.

  8. The web app alongside the GTP Recorder extension will open.

  9. The browser should be pre-loaded with the app URL added in project>> Environment Base URL.

  10. Record any input fields (Text Masking  can be apply for only send keys).

  1. Hover on sendkeys step, click on Edit icon.

  2. Turn on Text Masking Toggle.

  1. After Enabling the Text Masking the original values of sendkeys are changed to encrypted values.

  1. The Encrypted text is visible on both Manage test page and result details page

  1. If user wants to add text Masking for Existing step, open the test script in debug mode.

  2. Enable the text masking by using edit icon.