Create Test using GTP Recorder Extension

  1. Log in as the Test Engineer

  1. Select the Projects from the drop-down list available on the Top left hanside.

  1. Click on 'Tests' from the Navigation Menu.

  1. Click Add New test button.

  1. Enter Test Name and Test Plan.

You can execute scripts/tags without the Tag in Local Run, as required.

  1. Click Create test button ,successfully Landing on Manage test page.

  1. Click on the Eye icon from the Tests Table.


  1. Click on the REC button on the Manage test page.

  1. Ensure you are updated with the latest Chrome Extension by navigating to Project Setting-->Chrome Extension setup. (This step is required only in a QA/Dev environment until the GTP Recorder Extension is published on the chrome store.)

  1. If the user has multiple environments, navigate to the Projects page, and click on the 'True Under Default' column to select a default environment.

  1. This step launches a new browser and a GTP Recorder extension. The browser should be loaded with an app URL added in the project>> Environment Base URL stage.

  1. Once the Application is launched on the web app, start recording.

  1. Now perform the needed actions in the Application.

  1. Hover on down Arrow in Save Button' Click Save & close Button ,Successfully Recorded steps are saved in Manage test page