Execute Scripts on the Server side - LambdaTest

  1. Login as Org Admin/Test Engineer.

  2. Select the required project from the drop-down.

  3. Click Execution menu.

  4. Navigate to Execute Now.

  5. Select (TestName) in the Execute page to execute.

  6. Click Run set button.

  1. Update the Test Configuration environment details and click Update. By default, the Project level Test Configurations will be loaded.

  1. To Track the Execution status, click Executions. Under status column user can view the Execution status.

  1. Once the execution has been started, user can be able to view live execution by click on view Report icon.

  1. During Cloud Execution, user can be able to view the test step status either it is passed or failed.

  1. We can also view the test execution in the Recorded Video option by clicking on the Video icon from Execute >> Execute History >> Play video and also view the PDF results by clicking on 'View PDF' from the Results page.