API Testing

In GTP, the user(s) can implement API testing without interacting with the UI/AUT.

  1. Login as Test Manager/ Engineer

  2. Create a project for API testing and select the project type as an API test.

  3. Clicks on Tests from Side Menu.

  4. Clicks on the API Tests tab and click the Add New Test button.

  5. Enter the Test name and the description and click the Create Test button.

  6. In the Manage test page, click the 'Create API Test' button and start creating the API Test.

  7. Enter the Scenario name, Select the request method (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) from the drop-down and enter desired endpoint URL against which the request is to be triggered. In addition, values for the Headers and Body fields need to be entered.

  8. After entering all inputs, click on Send Request button.

  9. Now the user(s) can get a response for their API requests.

  10. Click on the Save button and view the created API tests on the Manage Test page.