Add Assertions, Actions & Conditions while Recording

  1. Login as Manager/ Engineer

  2. Navigate to Tests >> Click on the "Add New Test" button in browser test tab.

  3. Create a Test with the Test name and Test Plan name.

  4. Click on the Recorder icon on the Manage Test page.

  5. The web app alongside the GTP Recorder extension will open.

  6. The browser will be pre-loaded with the app URL added in project>> Environment Base URL.

  7. Now the user can perform the Application's actions and add Master Actions.

  8. Right-click on the Application and select GTP or User can select the assertions from Extensions.

  9. Now add assertions/events from the GTP Context menu while recording or click on the plus icon from the extension then Add assertions/Actions while recording.

  10. After adding assertions from the Context menu, the actions are added in the plugin steps.

  1. Click on Run button on the Manage test  page and verify the actions with added assertions.