Setting up GTP Recorder Extension in Browser (Chrome)

  1. Get the latest extension from Chrome web store or please reach out to our expert to get the latest version.

  1. Open chrome://extensions/ on your chrome browser.

  1. Enable Developer Mode

  2. Click on Load Unpacked and select the 'GoTestPro' from the cloned folder path.

  3. GTP Recorder Extension will be added to Browser.

  4. To make the Extension access the browser in Incognito mode, click Details >>Turn on Allow in incognito (this need to be done only for the first time when reinstalling the extension - reloading/updates should work fine next time).

  5. To add your browser - click the Extensions icon from the browser and click the Pin icon

  6. Make sure you have the latest version of the extension available, please check with GTP QA Team.