CI/CD (Test trigger API)

GoTestPro has a "Settings" page where the user can generate the ClientID and Secret/API String, whichever is more straightforward and more secure to implement.

(Set up a continuous Test Job in Jenkins/other DevOps servers)

  1. Login as Manager/ Test Engineer.

  2. Create Script, Record and Save.

  3. Navigate to the Executions Page and click on CI/CD tab.

  4. Select the Test Name and create a Job Name through the input fields given.

  5. Enter the Retry Count that specifies the number of times to re-run a job in case of failure.

  1. Enable/Disable the Console log toggle button and click Submit.

  1. Select the needed environments in the Test Configuration Environment window and click Submit.

  1. Now, the user can copy a rest endpoint/URL with an authorization key and Job ID by clicking on the copy URL icon, which can be used in the HTTP Request Plugin in Jenkins/other DevOps servers.